Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Calvin Cheng

Deletion of XXvsDY 2008

All content retrieved from the now deleted xxvsdy.blogspot.

Since I have posted the The Reason, I have received threats, accusations, I have been called names.

ML has written these on his blog:

** I have just come back from Cell Group with the Princess Council. We prayed very hard for salvation for Peasant Queen Wendy Cheng and her peasant followers. We

also prayed that nothing evil befalls the author of XXvsDY and her family for she is clearly a child of Satan.

** Like Ian, I think the the anonymous multitudes are cowards - despicable cowards. The author of the dawnwayang website, theliesofdawnyang, the author of xxvsdy

(allegedly a girl called Stella living in Australia).

** The Lady Melissa is a person of many means and much resources; much has been said of her comtempt for peasants but as the wise understand, this is a mis-

reading. In fact, the Lady Melissa loves fighting for underdogs, the oppressed and the trampled-upon. She is thus dedicating her time and resources to bringing down

the Mother of all Peasants Wendy Cheng (credit here must be given to one of my readers for coining this phrase), the Class Bully, the 'Street Urchin'. She is committed

to ferreting out all the anonymous, self-righteous cowards behind the hate sites, starting with XXvsDY. Australia is but a stone's throw away for the truly connected. When

she ferrets this person out, she will crush her with as much mercy as she has shown Dawn Yang.

** The Princess Serena, who is here with me as I type this, has pointed out to me that there is no point getting upset about the author of the XXvsDY blog. "This Stella

chick is just a mindless dimwit who copies and pastes from Cozycot forums." Point taken.

Why do you think I deserve this? I am just a mere peasant. Perhaps:

1. I hit their raw nerve?

2. I am the victim of Cyberbully? I am using ML's own words here: 'What is happening now is typical bullying behaviour of this sort.'

3. Isn't ML's response exactly the The Cowardice of Mobs behaviors?

4. If we are all not careful, Singapore will very soon see the first blogosphere related murder. (I really can't write. I am using ML's words here, just changing the last word

from suicide to murder.)

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Who is Melissalam?

Who exactly is Melissa LAM (ML)? She started posting in cozycot on 20-07-2008. This is her first post:

** I think it's the beginning of the end for all dawn haters. First she will bring XX down, then she will find all the IP addresses of all the people who have been telling lies

about her and take them down ONE BY ONE....

And then 2 minutes later, ernernhui82 (Whose id is suspected to be Dawn's) replied on ML's post:

** no

ML continued to with her 2nd post:

** Nobody is truly safe on the internet anymore. The government has jailed 1 blogger and 1 anonymous forum user. Now Dawn Yang has started what may be the first

civil lawsuit stemming from cyberspace. I think the last guy interviewed in the Sunday Times is right - we need to be careful what we say on cyberspace esp in singapore.

Then ernernhui82 replied again after 4 minutes:

** ya man. i dont want to go to jail or go bankrupt just because of someone i don't know irl or someone i dont like.NOT WORTH IT AH!!! so i just kpo here, kpo

there.....but i never say anything. lol. just try to analyse these people that's all. afterall, internet so many photoshoped pitures. i dont want to see one picture and then say

that person got do surgery. w.ah skali irl she no surgery n dont look like that, it's all photoshop, then i "sie l.iao ah"but some people.........well, it's an open fact.

And more from ernernhui82:

** hahaha! no dont get fooled! that only works "on the surface". if the government wants to dig it out, they can. do you know that alot of criminals use ip routers, but they

still get caught!!!

** hmmm....i think she's just saying a fact? that we must be careful and responsible online.anyway, we are what. we never say dy do PS. someone else said it and we just

comment only. hahaha.

** wonder if looque will renew her contract aft it ends? i think not right? she got sign up v long ago ah?

** or for giving them a bad name on forums now. sigh. hahaa.

And then back to ML:

** Didn't someone on STOMP say that Khattar Wong were Looque's lawyers? Maybe they approve .. but I doubt they would fund Dawn, she's not a big **** star.All I am

saying is that unless u r damn sure about ur investigative powers and ur proof better not say anything here that can cause us to get sued. Nobody is anonymous here

really... and if dawn has the money to hire khattar, and get the Head of Litigation no less to represent her, she can find out our IPs and come after us. And PinkRibbons,

hope u r not using ur real pic cos u seem to be one of the harshest dawn critic here, DY may come after u next (but i think she will go after the dawnwayang website

creator first)

** dawn wont go after pinkribbons first. She has bigger fish to fry. Like the creator of the dawnwayang website. XX will go down in flames soon. Keystone Law

Corporation..say what?

** Yes it will be a war of attrition and in these wars, those who have money and time win. I hope those pledges of donation XX gets from her teenage readers really

materialize for her.

Back to ernernhui to get cotters guessing:

** so who is melissa lam?!

Then it's back to ML and we found out she is a christian who attends church and used the word peasant for the very first time:

** Why am I annoying? I'm here out of the goodness of my heart, to warn anyone here who thinks she is beyond the influence of Dawn.

** When a good hearted sweet devoutly Christian girl like Dawn is being bullied by named and anonymous cyber bullies, the Almighty will strike hard and punish these


** This is your opinion. At my church, our girls are proud to be beautiful and sexy. My definition of an old man is 50 and above. Royston Wu has barely turned 40. Funny

looking is also your opinion. Lying is also your opinion - sometimes people change their minds.

** Dawn's indeed mixed - believe what u will. She gets to skip queues cos she is special. Special people dont play by normal people rules. Normal people get jealous.

That's life.

** I'm not here to start a catfight w anyone, despite having my gender questioned, called brainwashed etc. I am just here to tell everyone to be careful, Dawn is showing

her power, and XX is going down. That's all.

** If u talk to her REAL friends, u will know how exactly she is mixed. Go talk to REAL people instead of taking stuff off the internet. There is a real world out there u

know, where law suits happen, where the aristocrats hire big name law firms whilst peasants get no-name ones....

** Arissa Cheo is even more special. In fact she is the real aristocrat. Maybe Dawn is the lady-in-waiting. If Dawn is ever to be so silly as to cross Arissa, she will be in

serious da da cos ASrissa will probably get Queen's Counsel to rep her. U get my drift...

Ernernhui82 disappeared & Wazzle (another ID suspected to be Dawn's) appeared:

** Remember reading somewhere that Dawn has grandparents who are slightly mixed, she is not a 50-50 eurasian, nor has she proclaimed herself to be one...Ahh this

lawsuit thing is going to be interesting..... *popcorn time!!!* i think its quite boliao to go to court... but gd for us to watch eh? hahaa.btw, imo if arissa was in the

entertainment arena, she'd definitely get mudslingers and gossipers talking dirt about her too ***. Only matter of time, just as it happens to most celebs. Singaporeans

luv to pull down those climbing up the ladder. Just that arissa choose to keep private now. So we generally leave her alone. But.... she used to seek the limelight too.

Friends who know her said she wanted to be a taiwan star before, just like dawn. So she got her rich father to pull some strings there. She went there some years ago,

act a bit, but cannot make it. Could not get popular, so went back to school.

Back to ML:

** Her real friends who have actually known her from young not some random geek RJC spastic who was there at same time as her who worshipped her from afar.

** Arissa doesnt need to go to school. She is Asia's Paris Hilton partying with billionaire boys. She does what she wants and she doesnt care what peasants say about

her. Arissa lives on another planet altogether, Dawn sometimes visits that planet but is non-resident, Xiaxue can't get past the border controls. (NOTE: Xiaxue attended

Arissa's birthday party but Dawn was no way to be seen)

Wazzle immediately replied to ML:

** HAHAH great analogy reallie got me laughin!

Back to ML:

** Yes Claire Yeo is Eurasian but she doesn't care to emphasize that bit of her ...

Then ernernhui82 posted again:

** w.ah tomorrow i go SBS bus interchange no need queue. bus come, i go up.people stare, i say "I AM SPECIAL"

** so must have now many percent of foreign blood then can call eurasian actually?

** that about i arissa, i heard too. on other forums.....haha. but anyway, arissa is born in 1982 right? why i google and many website say she born 1986? so how old is she


Back to ML:

** QueenBee Xiaomeimei, U really reckon there is no caste system here? Today I was at the hospital, I walked from C class wards to B2 to B1 then to A, I thought it was

different hospitals. So either work very hard or marry a rich man.

Ernernhui82 replied to ML again (note, she seems to only replied to ML):

** LOL. thats funny.

Gosh........ This is interesting... Deliriouschic (this ID is confirmed to be Dawn's) started to post:

** Dawn has said before she's upper-middle class family only right. And in some fashion post she said she don't believe in buying expensive seems to me

she's just getting to enjoy the finer things in life now and enjoying them, maybe either her family's doing better or it's because of her earnings and status now. might be a

lil show off, but I mean, a lot of other people including myself like to take photos of the nice things they get. Arissa is no different really, she takes many photos of her

branded stuff and holidays and everything to show online. Her loubutins, her cartier etc... Xiaxue also too..... and for these bloggers its "business".. ****** they do it for

blog traffic...

And then Wazzle replied to Ernernhui82 (split personality?):

** yuppz shes older than dawn by a few old still super havoc and party girl n living off her parents money n sitting around dolling up n taking photos of her

loubutins... even if aristocrat i would have more respect if she earned her own money and do something, like paris hilton. i guess she tried in taiwan, but since that failed, i

think its better she get a proper job instead of partying her life away...

Back to ML:

** I don't understand. Why work when u can party ur life away? :p

And then Ernernhui82 replied to Deliriouschic and Wazzle:

** ah...........true........but maybe because like xx say dy copying arissa. so if dy copying arissa, she also copying arissa's showing off style?

** dont mind me saying. for me, both arissa n dy are e same. sama sama l.ah.....sighya, arissa also takes alot of boliao pictures..........but of course except that her family

is really rich and she is pretty.

ML returned:

** Mrs Yeo is Eurasian

Back to Ernernhui82 replying to ML and others:

** hmm.....not sure. but one thing about arissa irks me - she smokes. i saw pictures of her lighting up or smoking in he rmoonfruit.

** so her mum's sharp nose is natural?! her mum looks indo.

** my friend's father is chinese, mum is chinese-portugese-french. as in, her mum's mum is chinese portugese, dad is french.but it says chinese on my friend's IC.i think

this kind of thing cannot trust friend is indian-chinese. and her IC says chinese too. why not indian? or indian chinese?! woah confusing.

Back to Wazzle replying to ML:

** To be a more useful person? While i certainly understand the attractiveness and fun of living off parents, it kind of goes to show a shallow character imo. Yes, enjoy

your parents wealth, but is that all you're doing? Partying, buying expensive cars, filling your walk in wardrobe? What about improving yourself, doing meaningful work, or

charity since so rich? And im sure many cotters here agree with me on this point about arissa, as evident from what they said about dawn living off her parents n party

lifestyle. Before it was revealed she actually earns her money from her blog that is.

And then it's Deliriouschic replying to Wazzle:

** Dawn's obviously chinese and not eurasian.but I believe its possible she really has got some other bloods from her grandparents. And then she got some surgery to

look more mixed. Her mum is pretty and looks like those indo-chinese.thing is, she did not say she's a 50-50 eurasian. it's other people who started writing that she's

eurasian, because they thought she looks it.

** I fully agree with you. Arissa needs to grow up and be less spoilt..But I guess ultimately it's up to her cos it's her life, just as how its up to Dawn how she leads her life.

As long as both of them are not harming anyone.

This is the last post. And then all of a sudden, all these posters (wazzle, ernernhui82, ML, deliriouschic) disappeared at the EXACT same time. Coincidence? You


What a busy evening for Miss Yang. What a great way to introduce ML to the cotters........ (end of 20-07-2008, to be continued.......)

p/s: A reader spotted Deliriouschic & Wazzle wrongly spelt Loubutins (Louboutins) the same way.

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Who is Melissalam?

ML made a fresh appearance all by herself on the following day (21-07-2008). First she talked about the topic of race:

** someone is getting it finally. Our society is still v chauvinistic - our race/dialect group follows our father's. Now think about this in relation to Dawn... got it now?

** Actually these are the true Eurasians

** SMURFS is getting it. PinkRibbons, QueebBee..LEARN!

** Ok u r not getting it. SMURF's ic says Chinese, but her relatives that know better tell her she may have some eurasian blood in her...but she chooses not to emphasize

that part. Get it?

** Mother's father is Eursian, if u must really know

Then moved on to explain the definition of peasant:

** Ok since u keep asking...I will clarify. Anyone who lives in a HDB flat is a peasant, in our opinion. But there is no shame in being a peasant. They make up the majority

of society and are very important in keeping any society going.

Then back to race:

** What it says in our IC officially and what the race actually is, is different, if u r mixed. That's my point.

Then to insult:

** Are u dyslexic or retarded?

** If you are at our church, I will know u. If u r not, I don't want to know u.

** Everything is relative, my little friend.

Then she went on to anwer cotter's question:

'Melissa Lam, since you seem to know DY so well. Why dont you clarify these points for her?
1. Did she have plastic surgery? If she did, where and why did she deny ever having them?
2. What happened to Tinsel Management contract?
3. Did Jacky Wu offer her a contract?
4. Was she going out with Mr R this year Valentines Day? If so, then why did she say she was single then?
5. If her grandfather is eurasian, then why did she sometimes say she is Dutch/Thai or Jap/Dutch ?
6. She only wanted XX to withdraw 6 points so does it mean all other things XX mention are true?
7. Did DY write the article written by guest_summerdoll?
Final point: How can we believe whatever you say abt DY is true?

** 1. Yes. She has never denied. She was told not to comment.
** 2. Like a reader said, Tinsel was bought over.
** 3. Yes
** 4. She was out with Mr. R but not going out with Mr. R.
** 5. Bcos that's the mix that exists in her bloodline, however diluted.
** 6. Either that or she can't prove it either way.
** Really, I'm not here to fight, but to share the truth and to warn.

And went on answering more questions and defending Dawn:

** Ok shall put it in Singapore peasnat slang... She was out with Mr R but not dating Mr R.

** If she did her boobs would she dare sue? Yes cos of the long contract. Finally cos she wanted to be a VJ and Singer not to be a DJ. Ultimately she failed in all these

dreams, but I think it's good she tried.

** I don't know the answer to question 7. USC/NYU - it's simple. The american education system allows u to gain credits and change colleges. So she went to

Marymount, gained credits, switched to USC, came back to SG, then used all the credits she earned to apply to NYU.

** Oh and re which parts, I don't think it will be fair for me to tell u but I have a feeling Dawn will do a tell-all soon herself

** Yes but her parents did not want her to sign a 8 year contract.

** She hasn't hurt anyone apart from the scam advertisement on her blog. For that she was a right stupid bimbo and we already bitch slapped her for it. Sorry.

** I didnt say they werent good people. Many peasants are very good and nice people. U r reading and insult into that word itself. No in Singapore defamation laws for

public figs are even stricter than for private individuals.

** She was under pressure to say nothing as the did she/didnt she saga got her a lot of media attention.Arissa - it's a coincidence.

** Only if u think peasant is a derog term. Why is this my job?

** Who is THE real Melissa Lam? Is there only one real one and all others are fake? We don't exist? ???

** Actually those people should have sued Dawn.

** Scroll back. When did I ever make such a claim? Do you wanna get sued? I am only here as a good Christian to share the truth and to warn.

** Because Dawn's family wants her to go back to school and graduate.

** I am indeed one of these 3. Take ur pic but here is your chance to get the TRUTH so u may see the light, and not fall into the sin that XX has fallen into which has got

her into so much trouble. Put down your rakes and your hoes and listen up properly. I may not be here forever

** Here r the answers. Dawn manages her own blog. STOMP manages her STOMP blog. Her agency manages her only as a model/celeb blogger for commercial


** She has until 25 to do what she wants. After that she has to go back to uni whatever happens. That's the deal.

** To be honest, I am not sure about the Jacky Wu 8 year thing - let me ask her and get back to u.

** U must repent. Ur arrogance and stubborness in being sinful will only get u in the same trouble as XX, who is going down.

** Pls list the bad things here one by one I will try to answer them. I already answerd the Maxim and scam ad ones.

** I said Jack offered her I am just not sure about the 8 years. U have reading comprehension problems?

** Actually for MTV Taiwan, the contracts are all damn long. This is cos they invest a lot in grooming the talent so they need the time to recoup.

** As good christian girls, we pray for the dyslexic and the retarded.

** I am AN actual Melissa Lam. I am not from Tinsel Management, it does not exist.

** Better late than never. Dawn is about to embark on a new chapter of her life. The quarter century is almost up. The lawsuit is the watershed event that will end it all.

Then she will attempt to migrate to Arissa's planet. Peasants like XX will look in from afar.

** I'm not her spokesperson. I'm her prophet.

Someone here mentioned Rachel Kum. That someome should go ask Rachel. As for Royston, he told me they were not.

One cottor asked ML:

'Seeing as how DY has turned against Looque Models once during her email with xiaxue (i.e "You know how bad agencies can be."), I'm not surprised if DY sues you

too, Melissa if she does not approved of what you said.'

ML replied:

** If she turns against me, she will be finished.

And ML finished her 2nd day with these posts:

** This actually the planet of us real princesses. There r a fair few of us there. U won't know of it living on ur farm.

** I'm not joking. U can go check whatever I said.

** Trust me. Dawn is extremely grateful to me

** Ok my manicurist is coming over now tata. Will check back later. Anyway we r all waiting to see what XX 's lawyers will reply to tmr. So exciting.

NO, ML came back 2 hours later to answer my question......

** Actually he's not a player. He pretends to be one. Girls just take his free gifts etc and he gets nothing. Left HIGH and DRY. Especially after his divorce. haha

** Also I'm not a troll. I am not here to fight. I am here to spread the truth and to warn.

** I guess the only ones who are interested in having a proper conversation instead of attacking me are PinkRobbons and sugarcane

** Well to those who asked questions, I gave the answers. Real answers. For those who want to PM me, I can give u real names to ask and verify.For those who want to

talk to us, come to Mimolette this Friday night, if u can get in. Dawn will be there too. Come say hi and ask us and we will answer.

** If u know me, u will know I like all good christian girls, don't lie. What do I have to gain to come here to lie? As I said, if you really wanna know, I will give u a few real life

contacts, go verify urself.

** I'll be there. See you. First table in the inside table as you walk in from the restaurant. PM me on friday before u go,

** I'm doing this becos I am sick of internet detectives. There is a real life out there with real answers.

** I already told u. She did go for plastic surgery. Now which of u dare stick your neck out non-anonymously and say which part? Anyway, I don't think Dawn has ever

DENIED PS. She has just vacillated and I think she got v bad advice on that. Heritage - no lie. But maybe a bit exaggerated.

** Obviously u don't find irony funny

** Cavemen saw lightning and thought the gods were throwing fire at them.

** Who paid for the cosmetic and plastic sugery? and how much total was spent? Her mother.

** are you trying to help Dawn, or are you trying to piss more pple off about Dawn? Neither. I am here to spread the truth and to warn

** I was in Taiwan when MTV happened. I don't know about Jacky I already told u I will ask. Her heritage, I asked her mum during CNY this year.

ML started to deny she is NOEL (Dawn's manager):

** Noel can't even spell. Doubt he can write the flowing prose from my princess education.

** You must be retarded or unable to scroll upwards. Or maybe u have reading comprehension problems. I will pray for u too.

** Thank u girls who have pm'd me. It seems like those who pm'ed me r nice people who really want the truth.

** Haha u must be kidding me. How naive r u? Who here is posting as the real them? However, Blushiee will know my real identity, if she keeps to her end of our faustian


** Some of these questions I have already answered.Edison MSN - it is as she wrote. Jacky Wu - I already said I don't know.Guest summerdoll - i will ask her but if she

did , doubt she would say.
** It's becoming quite obvious to me there are serious truth-seekers like GG2008, Blushiee, Bunnyxx, and then there are the rest anonymous ostriches.

** No idea when. She is discussing it. But prob before she leaves for NY.DY is very sweet and very caring girl. Sometimes she is a bit naive. To be honest, Wendy is

pretty normal in real life too, she just needs to rein in her cyber-persona.

** Cos the top of the letter and bottom has her personal details like where she lives.

** She just wanted to show she got in..the first para already stated that. rest of it if she have to photoshop also meaningless.

** Oh dear. U r using hearsay as evidence. Anyway, u r not a genuine truthseeker. U have too much hate in u.

** Can I trouble u to point me to where these 2 babies are exactly on her blog? Sorry..

** Can't see the pictures. Q 1) Already answered many times 2) Is it fair to real eurasian girls? Who are real eurasian girls which leads me to 3) when a casting call is put

out for pan-asian girls, a variety of looks are presented, as long as they LOOK pan-asian. At least that's what I gather from my model friends.

** She is already a star, albeit a star blogger.

** So melissa, did Dongie inject anything into her boobs? Sure, maybe it wasnt implants, but why is the pic on nuffnang event so odd looking like there's a circular and

irregular lump on her boob ?No. Nothing. Bad picture.

** YOU may call me Princess, or Your Royal Highness. That will do

** I didnt say that all cotters are peasants. But those who are up-in-arms over this epithet are obvioulsy in pain after I touched a raw nerve.

** Ok I am pretty sure you have either reading comprehension problems, or you have motor-coordination problems. We will pray for u.

** Yes I love her. She is a very caring friend and is always sweet and polite to people. V well brought up. Def not a peasant girl.I think she is v misunderstood. It is not up

to me to promote her for TV work.

Notice all Deliriouschich, Wazzle, Ernernhui82 were not there? Miss Yang went to partae?

ML was gone and back again much later together with some of her muses.....

** U sound v angry and jealous. Ur nick is Queen Bee, we know what ur aspirations are. It must be v frustrating for u to be washing dishes in Chinatown.

** Already told u, to spread the truth to peasants and to warn them.

** Agents fee is 20 to 25 percent I believe.

** I have many PMs. Sorry those are my priority. Anyway, just came back from our private SHAW BROTHERS screening. They showed us X Files - like it says, if u want

the truth, u must first believe.

** Hi can I state once again I am not here to fight so no point attacking me. It is a fact that HDB dwellers are the peasants of Singapore. There is no shame in that.

Anyway tomorrow is the big day, we are throwing a PARTEE to await Wendy's response. I'm going to bed. FOCUS GIRLS. This is about the truth, and about Wendy

going down. Good night and for all u sincere folks out there, thanks for the PMs!

Ernernhui82 was back:

** ACTUALLY, i know how sad this is going to sound, but............there is still a caste system in this century. if you know people from THAT circle, you will be shocked at

how they think. i am not in their circle but i do know a few. they look down on average people. some of the people i know, do not even want to talk to people who drives a

car that's under $200k. but i have to mingle with these people for the sake of work/business.esp. in places like india/russia, this is still evident. and it will always be.

unfortunately. i know, i hate it. will always be there - social classes.

Back to ML:

** Wow so much bitterness, I must have touched a raw nerve. I am sorry u still keep sea monkeys as pets, do they keep u company when u wash dishes in the crammy

china town cafe - "Flied Lice, Sir?" Re princesses with real influence or power, the only 2 countries with that happen to be in the continent we r in - this one, but u wouldnt

know that being on ur knees scrubbing floors for ur white master. And as for sucking c cks, u would know that wouldn't u? It's ok, we dont judge u on how u pay ur rent...

** Yes I am a guy, physically, mentally, emotionally. The whole she-bang.Whatever turns u on, honey!

** 1. Is your real name Melissa Lam?2. Are you Dawn Yang's friend?1. No comment.2. yes.

** Footing whose bill? Dawn's footing her own. And Wendy's teenage readers are financing her, no?

Ernernhui82 was back with question on Arissa to ML:

** melissalam, were dy n arissa friends? do u know arissa too?

** i think she kind of tired of paying? but anyway, i think dy also got money one l.ah.....

ML answered Ernernhui82:

** Acquaintances. Yes.

Ernernhui82 to ML:

** then do u happen to know what arissa thinks of this whole saga?

15 minutes later, Ernernhui82 announced ML is gone for the day. How did she know????

** melissalam is gone. hey, tomorrow lookout for xx's post.n i do think dy going to post a tell-all soon. after e case or whatever!

Strange! Ernernhui82 also gone. Why did they always appear & disappear the same time??? To support each other? Or they are the same person?

(end of 21-07-2008, to be continued.......)

Looque Models, Juice magazine, Oxford '99, Dawn Yang, xiaxue, Steven Lim, Plastic surgery, singapore, cozycot

Who is Melissalam?

ML was back for the 3rd day, continue to spread the truth:

** Haven't heard from Dawn, she is still overseas but heard from Wendy's friends that things are going to get v interesting indeed... The Press is having an orgasm from

getting so much fodder to feed the peasants.

** I object to u casting aspersions on my gender.

** Yes please take the cue from the more intelligent cotters here who do not have reading comprehension problems.

** To those who could not afford a top notch education like me, and who have logic or reading comprehension problems, THE SEVEN DAYS ARE OVER.

TODAY.Wendy has to my knowledge replied with her own letter. I am trying to find out what she said. If I am not wrong, she replied to say that she will FIGHT IT

OUT.Stay tuned girls.

ML disappeared and came back 2 hours later:

** Thank u very much. You must have had a top notch education like me. Amazing reading comprehension skills.

** CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! Standing Ovation for this girl. She got a top notch education too.

** A piece of info. Got it from the grapevine that someone pulled strings for her at Khattar Wong and she is not paying much at all...

** Absolutely. And as I said in some PMs to more enlightened cotters here, Dawn Yang is a real person. Get to know her in real life. If u still hate her as much, pls come

with me to church and we will pray for u.

** Unfortunately, u have the common knowledge of a peasant. Or maybe a pheasant. It's a toss-up.

** Disagree babe. Any non-sexual relationship can be construed as platonic.

** Which chicken farm are you from again?

** Scroll up. Pay attention. Wasn't a mistake

** Ok. It depends on whether platonic/non-platonic - sexual/non-sexual is a exhaustive dichotomy of all relationships. If it is, then since all platonic relationships are non-

sexual, then all non-platonic relationships are sexual.

** Your logic is unassailable (without irony)

** Hello little girl. If u read an ad in The Straits Times that advertizes Barbie Dolls, u call and order some barbie dolls, but they send u Batman instead. Are u going to call

up the Straits Times to cry, or demand they apologize? Oh wait. I think u will. Boo hoo.

** I have: here it is - platonic : (usually lowercase) an intimate companionship or relationship, esp. between two persons of the opposite sex, that is characterized by the

absence of sexual involvement; a spiritual affection. Therefore non-platonic relationships must be characterized by the PRESENCE of sexual involvement.This would be

my semantic justification.Philosophically however, there is another one. The classical classification of love divides it into Agape, Platos and Eros. Agape is godly love,

eros is sexual love. Since neither Dawn nor Mr R is God, if it is not Platos, then it must be logically, Eros.

** If such a thing happens, I doubt ST would give u the advertiser's contact

** I am not a lawyer, but why use a phrase when u can use a term? Anyway, I am right about all non-platonic relationships are sexual. This is true semantically as well as

philosophically.However, to be fair, Khattar Wong should have used insinuated a SEXUAL relationship instead of non-platonic. But then again, what is a sexual

relationship and did XX insinuate one? Regardless, I will tell dawn.... cheers xx

** Dawn DID NOT SCAM you. However I think she should have offered compensation to the victims cos they obtained the link from her blog. Charity for the peasants


** Ok. I will tell Mr. K Anaparsan (or however u spell it), Head of Litigation at Khattar Wong and Deputy Managing Partner, to WAKE UP HIS IDEA. I really will haha

** BIG FONTS LIKE THESE???haha kiddo go feed the chickens or mommy will spank u.

** Yeah and Dawn's lawyer is just going to sit there whilst XX's lawyer 'tears her apart'. He really is.

** Thank u for cutting and pasting from Wikipedia. U must have gone to a neighbourhood school.What Plato said in the Symposium and what scholars in the Classical

Period eventually classified as Platonic Love was very different. Plato's love included homoerotic love of the kind practised in ancient greece. What u cut and pasted

from Wikipedia was a further clarification by French Scholars in the 15th century.When I said classical, I meant CLASSICAL. My bad.

** That was actually sincere. I am glad there are some intelligent people here.

** I'm sure it's very familiar to u. Dishwashing musn't pay much don't begrudge u that bit of moonlighting...

** I didn't say all cotters are peasants.Why would anyone have a forehead implant unless u r a professional footballer who wants to head the ball better?!Re Starzpeople

- no.

** Ok. Off to dinner Read the papers tomorrow.

(End of day 3. to be continued.....)

Looque Models, Juice magazine, Oxford '99, Dawn Yang, xiaxue, Steven Lim, Plastic surgery, singapore, cozycot
Morning welcome from ML:

** Hello everybody! Your favourite oracle is back And so is Dawn!! Woohoo.

** U will see some new action in the REAL media tomorrow, with REAL people with REAL names like me. Haha. Where has that ugly bespectacled kid gone to? I feel

like some child abuse...

** No. Dawn is really back from Sydney. Unfortunately, I think the REAL LIFE reporters probably already went to print.... (Now we know why Deliriouschic, Wazzle and

Ernernhui82 was missing from the forum yesterday. Dawn Yang was flying back from Sydney to Singapore)

** You seem like an extremely holy person. I hope to meet you in real life, and I hope that's your real pic so we can pray together...

** LuvLuv > U r welcomeSigno > Just thought I'd do u a favour since u have no money to buy the papers tomorrow

** She's bluffing. Or deluded.

** If she can be mean to real life people she doesnt know, I can be mean to anonymous people I don't know.

** Yes. Dawn is going all the way... XX is bluffing. She must be a super sleuth or have supernatural powers to PROVE the things she claimed.

Off she went and back later that day with one post:

** Miss Universe refused to admit having PS also. So what's the big deal? Peasant girls here should really grow up...Ok now someone is going to say but Dawn had PS

to look like Arissa... If u have MET them in real life, you would see how different they actually look."As for plastic surgery, which is common in Venezuela and said to be a

fixture on the beauty pageant circuit there, Mendoza said that's a personal decision. 'The problem is when you start to have surgeries to look like someone else,' she

said. Did she go undergo surgery in preparation for the contest? 'Asking me that is like asking a woman her age,' Mendoza said. -- AP

2 hours later:

** 1. I never used the word caste - I used 'class'. Only when one reader used the word caste did I question her assumption that there are no castes - and I asked her to

go look at the hospitals in Singapore and see whether we are truly that different from countries in India.2. It is still my opinion that the HDB dwellers of Singapore are the

peasants of our society. This is a social commentary. About the state of things.3. There is nothing in our pledge to say that we are striving to be a classless society. In

fact, from your post, I can say that is what u envision. The only political ideology I know that envisions a classless society is Communism. And as u know, that is illegal in

Singapore. I would thus argue that it is YOU who is inciting civil unrest in Singapore.I would like to reiterate once again that only the naive people would think that

Singapore is classless. We have our own aristocrats, and we have our own peasants. I belong to the former. What about u?I would like to further add that it is YOU and

your ilk who are reading discrimination and a derogatory meaning to the word peasant. And having a peasant class is not anathema to meritocracy.In Chinese history,

Mao Zedong was born to a peasant family. He became the leader of a country. Zhu Yuanzhang, the founder of the Ming Dynasty, was not only a peasant, but a beggar.

Yet he founded one of the most glorious Imperial Eras of China that lasted almost 300 years.I would thus suggest that YOU go examine your own values which are

obviously to me, naive and simplistic.

** I suggest you check your knowledge of law. It is illegal to strive for a classless society here i.e. a communist/marxist one. It is not illegal to liken HDB Dwellers as

Peasants. And as I said again and again, YOU make it sound derogatory. For me, if Mao Zedong, Zhu Yuanzhang and lots of other luminaries thru history can rise from

the peasant class, then why is it a bad word? Tut. Tut. So naive

** A peasant is not a serf. Again, please get yourself properly educated please before u start engaging in an intellectual debate with me.

** Hi girls. You really do not wanna talk about Bill Cheng. You REALLY DO NOT WANT TO START.

** I'm sorry, even on my planet, he is an aristocrat. I won't dare. And people here really do not wanna forget about this name. So...Dawn is back and she is

now conferring with her council of princesses... more news soon!

** Well babe, u seem to be the next most intelligent person here next to me. Am I wrong? P.S. Can we go on a date? We will have lovely children me reckon.

** If he was born there then yes. But many peasants make good. And even though they are noveau -riche and do not have the class of aristocracy like Dawn Yang, I

admire them.If only u can see IN PERSON how Dawn and Wendy are handling this matter. Dawn is handling it with equanimity and class, despite being the victim of

Wendy's and anonymous forumers' abuse. Wendy is jumping around cursing and swearing like the peasant she is.

** He is actually very good looking. Got a bit of ang moh blood too Why victim? They were a couple...

** I really take offense on people casting aspersions on my gender.

Wazzle suddently appeared to speculate on Bill Cheng (hmm... she actually wanted people to know Bill & Dawn was an item):

** Bill n dawn were look good and sweet tog... their facebook got alot of their pictures.i remember i spotted them at velvet before... the way he look at her very lovingly

haha (don't think these comments will get me sued right heh)

Back to ML:

** Hi babe. Yes she does. Mr Anparasan already told her but she feels strongly about this. She even told me her agency owner told her that there would be serious social

repurcussions, but she still wants to do it cos she is really upset....

Wazzle knows a lot of about Dawn:

** that is not the real Dawn Yang..... that is a fake account... i know cos i'm on her real friends list...

Back to ML:

Ok finally some real people who have real lives who see real people. Bill is the kind of guy that Dawn actually dates, not Royston haha. That is so funny it made us all

laugh so hard. Bill is in his late 20's, and goes around in a chauffered car.

Cos I am female and PROUD of it. Don't wanna be mistaken for a male. LOL!

Wazzle replied to ML:

** Royston has a bad rep la... he probably tried to woo Dawn but failed cos dawn was never known to be seriously dating him... he is the type who likes to boast about his

popularity with girls, but half the time is fake ones and people laughing at him behind his back... he asked my gf out before too lols...

Back to ML:

** No thanks It is quite easy to find out info about him. U seem resourceful, just ask around

** Hi I said Queenbee washes dishes in Chinatown. When did I ever say you or anyone else did? Jeez. But since u like washing dishes in Chinatown, pls do so...And not

to be pedantic but I said HDB dwellers are the peasants of Singapore. I didn't say they were ACTUAL peasants. If my brain is pea-sized, yours is non-existent.

Deliriouschic's here !!!!

** my 1c just to be fair, showbiz often is about LUCk and TIMING too, besides looks and talent.Dawn was offered to be a 98.7 dj, and might have gone far with that and

hosting, with her fanbase and nice voice.but she went to taiwan instead, where she could have been with MTV there or on jacky wu's shows.. but the contract is too long

for her (if what she says is true). Even if she signed, its not guaranteed she will be successful. Rainie Yang also took like what 7 years with jacky wu before she made it

big.And I mean look at arissa, she has class too but she also failed in taiwan. Dawn is smart, i think she knows she can easily do well in a normal coporate career thats

why she's going back to NYU..

Wazzle who seem to know a lot about Dawn:

** she did go out with him for dinner and event... but nothing more happen la...

Back to ML:

** Already told u. I am here to warn and spread the truth

** Now u r saying not only am I a dude, I am a gay dude?

** Hi babe. It's a guest-list only party but u dont have to pay... Drop ur name in my PM i'll get u in!!
Which college?

Wazzle replied to Deliriouschic:

** true true... me thinks she should hurry go get her degree and earn lots of money as a banker or something at least she already achieved success as a blogger, too

bad about 987 n taiwan.. altho i wud also choose taiwan over being a local DJ ***....if she did get a gd chance she might go quite far i think... still shocked at the number

of impersonator dawn yang wannabe accounts!

Back to ML:

** I was at John's. Mag is a nice college.

** You would be most excited to hear that someone wanted to report me for sedition to the police. Haha

** Thanks. But there are real peasants there. Those who rear cows. haha

** Sorry Bill. Can't resist. Ooh.ACS!! Where else?

** Well I must be thankful there isn't then! Was however amusing reading that lengthy moronic uneducated post about the Singapore pledge, classless society blah blah

Wazzle couldn't resist correcting the facts:

** ACS and RJC?how old? 28?i thought international school?

Back to ML:

** ACtually I have a good mind to report Koi or whatever her name was for Sedition, since she was striving for a classless society which to me means she is Marxist. And

we all know that here in Singapore we throw Marxists in jail

** We travel by Transporters from our spaceship to various planets.I was talking about marrying DOWN not UP . Jeez. Reading comprehension problems seem to be an

epidemic on this forum.

** Yes I have set a swathe of baits here, today I'm getting a good haul.

** I matriculated quite close to you so the fear is mutual haha

ML answered Wazzle (Wazzle was right, of course, who knows better than Dawn herself):

** Actually you are right. Oops. He was at UWC. My bad. See I am so humble? I stand corrected when there are real people who make real correct and truthful remarks. I

am here to spread the truth.

Pls go read the trackbacks. Cheerio! But wait I know u have reading comprehension problems. Can someone explain it to this tranny, oops I mean Queen?

Wazzle posted again:

haha curious... besides mine so you are of the opinion that most here write incorrect and untruthful statements?

Back to ML:

Everybody is treated equally here in Singapore? HERE?!! Hahah. I may be a princess, but you are a fairy.

Yes you are but a handful of enlightened beings here.

Wazzle replied to ML:

No where in the world is everybody truly treated equally.... that is why communism failed...

ML praised Wazzle:

See, I told u that u r one of the enlightened beings here. I like u very much. PM me ur name I will also put u down on the guest list, but I suspect u r on it already

Wazzle was delighted:

"All animals are equal but some are more equal than others"lol

Er... i don't think i'm on the guestlist although I have friends who could bring me in... maybe i'll see you there someday or we've already met?

Back to ML:

It's good that u believe in meritocracy. But your children will still serve my children at McDonalds. For you to catch up, I and my progeny will have to suffer some sort of

catastrophic financial disaster. But it's good u believe in meritocracy.

(You answered ACS so fast just now...i'm really doubting your credibility now...) I was wrong. My mistake. Honest mistake.

I already told u I resent being lumped together with that nitwit who can't spell. And about the article... didn't someone PROVE that she got the article before me? Haha.

So which is it?

Wazzle's turn:

Actually the lawsuit was really more about defamation of character rather than about plastic surgery... I personally believe (even if many of you are not of the same

opinion) that Xiaxue indeed made many false statements about dawn..... i'd love to see this action go to court and see if she ends up bankrupt

Back to ML:

It's not the restaurant bit

Yes I am kuroi. I am talking and debating with myself

Lawyer's make a living out of splitting hairs.

Finally, some sense from Queen Bee.

No I actually I have 2 different computers, one mac and one pc. I use each to log on separately to my 2 accounts koi and melissalam, and I argue and debate with

myself like that. Oh, and for the mac, I type with my left hand and on the pc I type with my right.

Wazzle couldn't stop talking about Bill Cheng:

(Wazzle, so was Bill Cheng really DY's ex bf?But she always claimed she's super single.Gosh, can't imagine why such an eligible guy would want to be with her. Must be

a temporary moment of insanity!) Yuppers, they were an item, many people were talking about this 'golden couple', big news ... they looked sweet n happy together... i

would paste FB photos but dont wanna get sued or cause any trouble...When she said she was single this year they had already broken up!I highly doubt he is or was

insane... dawn is rather class herself really...

Back to ML:

Noel is neither Indian nor Gay.

Oops extra apostrophe. Too lazy to go back to edit. You got me there

I am Indian AND Gay.

Back to Wazzle:

the 200pound beauty girl, she did a total body makeover but she is still a lovable person.... she is a much nicer girl than the au natural pretty but evil nemesis...thus imo

its not quite fair to say a guy should not like dawn because she did some cosmetic surgery...and if you say she has got a bad personality, well you don't know her

personally but they know do and still wanna hang with her.... so 'nuff said

Back to ML:

The question was whether Noel was Indian and gay.I replied that Noel was neither Indian nor gay.Then I was asked whether I was Noel.I replied I am Indian and

gay.Work it out from the top again..1,2,3...

Back to Wazzle:

there are millions of women out there with PS who are attached, getting married, or already married.In the movie at the end, the male lead wants to be with her, but she

has already sort of lost interest in him by then.You must have a very narrow mind for all your supposed intellectual capabilities if you don't hesitate to dump a woman you

are falling for just because you find out she has PS

Back to ML:

Well I don't think there has been a doubt that she has had PS. The question is WHERE? Do you dare stick ur neck out with your real name and contact details and say

where? XX did and she GOT IT WRONG that's why she's being sued haha.

THAT was actually quite funny.

Ernernhui82 was back to reply to ML:

hahaha! ya i agree, xx abit itchyhands. lol. i dont think dy did her boobs either, i mean, they are not big and they do fall naturally to the sides.

Deliriouschic also back (she was same time with ernernhui82, are they twins?):

Schoolmates say she was quite well-endowed even back in sec school. (but have you seen fiona xie's old photos? super flat, shocking!)The rumour, or fact by now,

amongst their jc people is that Dawn did her nose with her 2 other gd friends. So other areas, are so far just pure speculation..... so maybe xx really did say wrongly

hence getting sued..

Ernernhui82's turn:

actually friends who have seen both arissa n dy have told me that they look COMPLETELY resemblance AT ALL. just because certain angles in

pictures they look tiny bit similar doesnt mean dy copy arissa looks. if someone say dy copy arissa's style, i might believe. but looks?! i mean i see so many websites

posting both pictures sidebyside and i'm like "huh they look alike me.h?" i think someone mentioned before that many jap/korean/other girls all over the world also pose

like how arissa did. geez even i myself got some poses happen to be the same. even my friends who dont know who e hell arissa is, also happen to have those poses

(and 2.55 and hermes belt and balenciaga bags in purple!)!h.eng ah they dont have blog, if not sure kena flame for copying arissa for nothing, when they dont even know

of arissa's existance. if dy really did copy, probably just copying the vibe of the "rich circle". like just want to look as if she is "in the circle" that's all. i dont think she copy

her looks l.or. even their dressing so damn different!NOT SIDING FOR DY AH! just being objective. heh.

hmm....maybe the second time she use tapes? see, we always judge what's on the surface, but there might be something else behind the picture. i saw her playeur

shots. they do fall to the sides. when i lie down, mine looks like that mine "spills over" to even my collar bones with the arc line very super obvious. but mine is

REAL H.OR!!! hahahaha.

Wazzle replied to Ernernhui82:

Yups, they look very different in real life. Some photos might be very similar, but not every photo they look alike.In fact, I see many Dawn or arissa lookalikes in mags and

online. The same kind of poses and dolly looks. Means everyone is copying everyone? If Arissa buys a branded bag I cannot buy that same bag because I'm copying

her? Lame... Then Balenciaga might as well shut down all their shops and open one in her backyard.

Ernernhui82 continued and replied to Wazzle:

i think so too. sorry cotter babes but i think melissalam is kinda funny. lol. if she is really dy, woah my impression of dy might change to be more positive! lol. afterall,

however annoying , it is entertaining.

ya friends, after i told them about arissa's existance, said this to me "but everyone has a balenciaga n 2.55 what."of course not everyone l.ah! but i think in

their circles it's v common?

uh.......ya that's the pic i'm talking about. hers lok nearly flattened when she was lying down!and didnt someone posted a pic of evidence of her photoshopping her boobs

bigger but in turn, made agri's arms smaller? lol. that was funny! she made agri's arm look weird!

ML replied to Ernernhui82:

That was not done by Dawn. Someone took Dawn's pics and photoshopped it and framed her. Pls go to her blog u'll only see the original pic.

Then Ernernhui82:

lol. do i care if someone calls me peasant? no, as long as i myself know i'm not.i think one is only pissed when she touched a raw nerve?i'm fairly in the upper income

range, not wealthy, but not bad, better than most people. so if anyone wants to say im a peasant, say l.or. maybe to them, even driving a BMW5series is peasant?! who

knows. as long as we know ourselves, that's more than enough.i think she's just trying to be funny

ML replied to Ernernhui82 again (Notice ML called ernernhui82 as Ernhui, does ML know her):

Ernhui. U r absolutely right. People get offended when I touch a raw nerve. Driving a BMW 5, assuming you are not spending half ur salary on it monthly, is very well in

the middle class range, maybe even upper middle.

Ernhui replied to ML:

omg. who did that?! mean some of those photos people posted up and claimed to be photoshopped by dy are actually done by someone else to frame

her?! w.ah..........who got so much time ah.....?

Back to ML:

Hi can someone show me where? I can't seem to find it. If Dawn really did that I am going to bitch slap her. Cos I know Agri too and I like her arms much.

Well u could be asset rich, a car is afterall an expense no?

U have the utmost cotempt for someone u don't know in real life? I bet u have the utmost comtempt for Severus Snape too? Shouldn't there be a min age for this forum?

Back from school already kiddo?

Hi Bee. Which page? There are 257!!!

Ernhui was back:

geeko, oot, but your lip gloss looks so nice on this display pic! may i know which brand /colour it is?

Deliriouschic's turn to comment on the balenciagas:

Their balenciagas are different shades of pink/purple and different style. Dawn's is the new one with gold hardware. I guess to some high and mighty fashionistas here

and like xx, all balenciagas from far (far away in the circles of those who can afford them) they all look alike.

Ernhui was back and she replied to Deliriouschic:

eh eh, my other half drives a 5series, NOT MOI. lol. i too take e bus. he drive it to work, sometimes he drops me off/picks me up. but some days, i take bus. we can

afford two cars, sure. but what for? i got straight bus near my house to work, somemore 20mins reach already! ahahaha. good. now fuel prices so high, you should

always save for properties first. cars, second. it's good you know how to save n not like so many singaporeans, no money still buy bigcars to hao lian. lol.

LOL. ya i noticed it's different shades too. even their 2.55 are different in colour/issue.die ah! i sound like im siding for dy more n more.....cotters, pls save me!!!!!!!!!!

Back to ML:

Some bourgeoisie handbagCan someone please show me where on Dawn's blog is the photo where she photoshopped away Agri's arm?

Wazzle replied to Deliriouschic:

Hahaafunny!yea imo, XX made a fool out of herself by comparing their bags. Does she even know there are 2 major differences?

wonder if Dawn writes this on her blog what will happen haha

ML's turn to replied to Deliriouschic:

CLAP CLAP CLAP My vote for response of the say (other than my responses of course)

Well I believe in tough love. I wouldn't want my kid to hate people she doen't know. I would tell her off like I tell off this kid, that these 'celebs' are real people and we

shouldn't hate people we don't really know. Much less be filled with utter contempt.

Wazzle replied to ML:

agree hating and being filled with contempt for someone who hasn't done anything evil or personal to you? That is sad

Ernhui's turn:

i dont like john mayer. lol. okay oot.

Back to ML:

You are all anonymous people. Perhaps I am too. I have been called a man, gay, bitch, lame etc do I get upset? No. Cos after this, I shut off my computer and I am not

affected in the least bit.But Dawn Yang is a real life person who can read these things and feel upset. Why do it?This is a sincere post young one.

Me thinks u r petite bourgeoisie. haha

No cos most of them here wouldn't understand the word nor the connotations. :p

Back to Ernhui:

ya man. s.hit. but sometimes i feel i have to be fair n objective, i dont want to overanalyse every bit of dy's action and subject her to unfair scrutinity. like everything she

does, i pick on. because to think about it, alot of things that she is accuse of, can be found in other people too what (like carrying same bag, pout face poses, bluish

tones in pictures blah blah blah). but at the end of the day, i'm neutral towards her.the only thing that irks me? why did she listen to her agency or whatever and kept

quiet?! if she had explained earlier, maybe all these wouldnt have happened. she should have think for herself instead of obeying whatever they want her to do.above all,


And then ML:

Listen up kiddo. Wazzle supports DY cos she knows her in real life. You hate her cyber persona and get all ur info about her from the media, other people's blogs,

forums like these. So babe, pls dont hate. Nor be filled with contempt. Take all of this with a pinch of salt and love or hate (preferably love) real people in your real life.


She is an artist. If she didn't listen, Tinsel would have dropped her.

Ernhui replied to ML:


just curious, which year are you born in? how come you know these friends in her circle? dy is a few yrs younger than arissa n i feel she is not matured enough to mix

with them. she will get lead astray. i mean, she will want to start being rich n the life...the lifestyle blah blah gets to the young girls' heads you know!


Back to Deliriouschic:

Its only shit stained to those in this forum and those who readily believe whats easily written in this forum.I take everything with a pinch of salt, and I kinda do side DY on

this thing against xx...

Back to ML:

Queen Bee, I tried speaking sense to the young one but she isn't listening. Anyway, I tried...Ok another example my Princess Council and I were discussing. Zoe

Tay.Everyone in the older gen tells us that she was Ong Beng Seng's mistress. Do we believe it or despise her? No. Cos we don't know Zoe personally. She is not our

generation asnd OBS is our father's generation. So if I see Zoe do I go point point she was a mistress? No, cos then I would be a pleb. But I am a princess.

Ernhui talked about Bill Cheng again:

they dont own topshop l.ah.........they DISTRIBUTE the brand. brand management in the region only. but still rich l.ah.....their money comes mostly from properties.

Back to ML:

Hi I want to see them on HER BLOG. (The agr pics). Tell me which page please.
They should if they cross the line. Like what EastWeek Magazine did to Carina Lau.

I guess you don't know the meaning of an analogy.You are the weakest link. Goodbye.

Ernhui shouted:

im waiting for dy's tell-all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to ML:

Yeah and nobody cares. Cos so many do iit there, only the extent differs.

Back to Deliriouschic to defend herself:

ok for discussion's sake.You can't say Dawn didn't achieve anything. She is one of the most famous bloggers in singapore, and she earns quite a lot from blogging. THat

may not be something extraordinary, but it is not nothing. From the way I see it she obviously does not want a entertainment career THAT BAD, if she did she would have

happily signed a 8 year contract, like some other fame hungry people do. That Dawn Yeoh signed 10 years with her japanese manager right? But she can study in NYU

and get a good job, and her parents objected probably for the same reasons as parents always do, hence she didn't.She is going back to school in fall she said?If Dawn

did sign and stay in Taiwan, she may or may not have been successful. No one will know. But we all know Arissa failed and did not make it even though she tried. I think

someone posted links to some videos she was in and she didn't really stand out. I do think that is quite a pity though. I doubt Arissa only went there "for fun" and with no

big dreams. Or why would she ask her father to pull strings for her to go there?That said, are you Arissa or her friend?

Wazzle is back to talk about Bill Cheng AGAIN:

Really?So if that's true... wow Bill and his friends really do like Dawn so much to stick up for her...

Another man's meat is another man's poison.I'm only acquaintances with both of them, but I like Dawn better. Just personal preference.Arissa, or zhenshan, gives me

quite a stuck up feeling. Plus she smokes, is super havoc party animal.Dawn is not the first one she has said to copy her. In the past, when arissa was overseas and her

bf at that time, Alvin, tried to date this other girl I know, she went mad and started telling everyone this girl is trying to copy her style her looks and even want to steal her

bf, which is totally not true.Can't hold on to her man but think everyone's trying to copy her?

Back to Deliriouschic:

I cannot be 100percent sure, but I think it's possibly true.I don't hold Arissa in contempt, why would I? How was my post anything hateful? I don't even know her

personally, although I have a few friends who do. I like her style and I think she's pretty. I'm just stating my observations and opinions since lambilicious replied to my


Delirouschic, Wazzle & Ernernhui82 went to post for another few hours & their disappeared the same time as they appeared. While they were talking to each other,

another interesting character Jamesshong appeared.

(End of Day 4, to be continued....)

Looque Models, Juice magazine, Oxford '99, Dawn Yang, xiaxue, Steven Lim, Plastic surgery, singapore, cozycot

Who is Melissalam?

Morning welcome speech from ML after learning about Dawn Yang's Plagiarism:

** Hello Boys and Girls of the Cotter World. All Rise All Hail. HRH Melissa is back.For all of you wondering, I was here last night, and have been catching up on the posts

just now. I haven't disappeared - I have been pondering, ruminating, judging all and sundry.If I am to be reigning Queen one day, I have to hone me Solominic skills

properly and it isn't easy. Did I tell you I am descended from the Queen of Sheba and Haile Selassie was my great uncle? But I digress...I must confess I have never

read Dawn's star blogs. Honestly, I am not the target demographic. I was rather taken aback by the charges of plaigiarism and had to investigate; my constables have

been discreetly checking for me ever since. Needless to say, I also needed to wait for Dawn to wake up and question the accused herself.It is true. She copied and

pasted. I was overwhelmed with disappointment.However, I quickly got a grip on my emotions as my Solominic bloodline took over. I took a step back and tried to see

the forest for the trees.As some readers here have astutely obeserved, unlike the hysterical peasants who quickly formed a lynching mob, there are many pictures there

taken from various sources on the internet and copied and pasted without citation. This is true of all STOMP bloggers.I am thus quoting artspraken as he is one of the

enlightened and not one of the hoi polloi here.The question that was thus burning through my mind was then this: Dawn was wrong, but are the STOMP editors stupid

and equally culpable? They seem to have a flagrant disregard for copyright and intellectual property. As a master of original prose and thought, this DISGUSTS ME.I

mean my Dawnie can't write - this is clear from her own blog entries. But the mighty SPH?!! The whole STOMP blogosphere is one big copyright infringement.If Dawn

goes down, STOMP goes down. All the STOMP bloggers go down.Thus I am waiting to see how STOMP and SPH will react to your complaints. If they take out all

copied pictures and texts, I wisely reckon that most of STOMP Blogs would be one Carte Blanche that Michaelangelo would be happy to paint on.I thus infer that

STOMP has tacitly approved blatant copyright infringement on their blogs. Will it be likely that they will react? Will they open up a can of worms that implicates

themselves? We will see.This however is only tangentially relevant to DY's case against XX. XX is still going down. 2 wrongs don't make a right and DY is suing for a

variety of points. Some are clear cut, some are not. Today our Law Lord will decide on the statement of claims - we suspect it will be on 1 or 2 watertight points and the

jugular will be targeted.P.S. To the hysterical peasant who thinks I am Noel. If I am Solomon, u must be St Anselm's Fool.

** (Whatever the case is, I still look down on plagiarism regardless of how anyone puts it in anyway.) Me too dusksnoopy, me too...

** Yes, but WHICH lie? Leaving for where. She's not going anywhere until term starts. For now, it's war.

** Well her detractors can't hate her anymore than they do now. So what is adding PLAIGIARISER to the reasons. When u hate someone as irrationally as many peasnt

girls here do, any reason can suffice.

** Ah. So Queen Bee can't put things into her own words either eh?

** STOMP boss? No idea. But if they don't check then they r silly. But then the ST is a village newspaper no? Who else but a village newspaper would give such

prominent coverage of a lawsuit by 2 bloggers?

** Honestly, I despise her for plagiarising too. But I despise ST more for allowing plagiarising on their official blogs, and allowing copyrighted images to be used with

disregard. If Dawn had been caught with the first blog post, she would have stopped. But ST allowed it to go on and on, allowed them to use other people's pictures, so I

guess the bloggers thought copyright infringement is ok since it's ONLY a blog. Hambug.

** I don't even live on this planet. R u paying attention?

** Peasant! To you it's "His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, King of Kings of Ethiopia and Elect of God" Show some respect!

** Would u like to borrow my time-machine to transport you to the middle-ages? You seem quite suitable for it. Such vitriol for people who go for plastic surgery...haha.

What was the world Artspraken used? Pleb.

** Debbie Yong is the village reporter who is covering this news?Anyway this is my last post for the afternoon - I have an appointment to have my derriere polished.I am

here to spread the truth like I said. So let's be fair.Dislike Dawn for fair things. Like her for fair things.If you dislike her for being a plagiariser, fine. I despise that too.If you

think her blog is dumb, fine, that's a personal opinion. I think her blog is pretty dumb too.But don't dislike her for having plastic surgery.Don't dislike her for not admitting

PS - many peoplein entz do the same. It's part of the job.Don't accuse her for having sex with sleazy men.Don't call her a liar about NYU etc just because you don't

understand the US education system.Don't call her a liar about MTV etc when you don't know for sure.Anyway, I am off. Been sitting here too long. Really need that

polishing session.

** Obvious to your peasant mind maybe. U shld take up a summer course on thinking.

Note: Deliriouschic, Wazzle & Ernernhui82 didn't go on cozycot to defend Dawn Yang after her plagiarism scandal broke.

End of Day 5. To be continued....

Looque Models, Juice magazine, Oxford '99, Dawn Yang, xiaxue, Steven Lim, Plastic surgery, singapore, cozycot

Who is Melissalam?

Morning speech form Princess ML:

** The Princess Council convened and this is our verdict. We are the establishment, and even though Dawn may be our most junior member, we will rally around her. We

cannot allow the peasant-class to win, otherwise the world-order will be usurped. Xiaxue is obviously a heartlander, never lived in the West, but obviously hankers after it.

So she speaks of freedom of speech, rights, blog integrity, speaking up blah blah, 'flaunts her American Boyfriend" etc. Poly graduate, academic failure, yet trying to be

intellectual. If not for her expat boyfriend, she would still be holed up in an HDB flat. Ha.Xiaxue has thus underestimated our resolve to see this through. Our victory is to

be won in the courts of law, not in the courts of rabble opinion. We thus take the same line as the PAP. We don't care if people think it is trivial to sue people to

bankruptcy for defaming us, but we will pursue the truth regardless.Jamesshong, Wazzle, my darlings, hope to see u out tonight at the usual places.Partae!

** Hi I never called all of u peasants. Only people like katkatkat are peasants. And if u still think I am Noel, why dont u call Noel's office and check. haha. Number is on the

internet, u know how to google don't u?

** In that case u r not a peasant. U r too modest Actually u dont need me to update u. Since the village paper has taken such a keen interest in this case, and now even

the village radio , I am sure u will be kept updated constantly.

** Honestly I am very offended to be mistaken for a fat ugly Indian chap. If u can't call me Princess Melissa, you can call me Your Royal Highness.

** Ok. Then I shall be more even-handed. Noel is a nice boy.

** I know of lorry drivers who are in MENSA. Your point is?

** Artspraken my muse has left for 5 days. It's not so fun here anymore. Sigh.

** Yes I am The Many.

** Call my a cynic but like a typical SPG, I reckon she is dating a white guy so she can move out of her HDB flat. I think some of the Potters here dug up evidence of

Dawn having 'true relationships' with blue-blooded boys did they not?

** No I will consider her an underachiever

** Do The Many exist?

** XX has taken down the lawyers letters from Khattar Wong. Looks like she is running scared.

** Wtf do I care whether Noel is fat and ugly? He's not my business. I like Eurasian babies. You?

** Top SG Blogger?! Ha. What standards? I would rather vote Mr. Brown. Does XX have a TV show to call her on? Do people pay XX to appear at events? Dawn has

been on the cover of the 2 major men's magazines. She is a sex symbol. XX is a hobbit.

** THAT and also (being brutally honest here) it's a shortcut to better colleges who may be more competitive if u apply direct. Go to a community college, get the credits,

then transfer.

** I told u XX is running scared. Just look at her blog.

** Dunno about her A level grades.

** If XX were to take off her clothes AND spread her legs, not even Hustler will take her. Maxim and FHM do not just put ANYBODY on their covers.

** Writing for a men's magazine is like winning Miss Personality at a beauty pageant.

** She's running scared.

** XX likes to call herself Princess? That's like a donkey calling itself a thoroughbred horse.

** Those r the contestants. The monthly cover girls are all sex symbols and real celebs. If FHM puts XX on the cover, guys will not buy the mag even if u paid them.

That's why she is soo jealous.

** (Is Dawn Christian or Catholic??) Christian.

** Ok Potters. I am off in 10 minutes. We have to go prepare for the 5 pm interview. So quickly now ask your questions or hold your peace.

** Too busy holidaying. She will update soon.

** Haha. U obviously need to listen to that song Mr. Personality... haha

** Miss Personality can be go work for a call centre. In this world, beautiful women with brians like Dawn make it to the top. Look at the CEO of SembCorp for example.

** I will be at the studio to guide her. Don't worry, our young Dawn will have good mentors to back her up.

** I already offered, was rejected. So sad. Maybe I have to buy over the magazine. Hmmph.

**(Which school has she been accepted at NYU?) I don't know. I didn't ask. What do I care?

** I am The Many. Is Bombastic a bombastic word?

** Many Rafflesians are secretly proud that a geek school like that can produce a FHM AND MAXIM cover girl.

** Even the President has advisors.

** Cambridge isn't a boarding school. Cheltenham was.

** Yes she was too ugly to put on the cover, or anywhere else in the magazine for the matter, so she was asked to write instead. A tiny little column. ST shld stop

juxtaposing XX's pic with pretty Dawn. It's just winning Dawn more supporters ...

** What is Raffles when one can get into Cheltenham. Proletariat school.

** I like the word pastoral. Indeed, there is nothing wrong with being a hobbit if one strives hard to succeed. But some hobbits wanna be elves. That's the problem.

** No Dawn is more like Arwen.

** I love u too babe. But I am off now. Muah.

ML came back to self declare victory after Dawn Yang's radio interview with 98.7fm:

** So we won today This is but the first step, the first battle. We will win this war.

P/S Deliriouschic, Wazzle & Ernernhui82 still MIA (missing in action). They are said to be Dawn's devoted fans but they have not said a word to defend on her


End of Day 6. To be continued......

Looque Models, Juice magazine, Oxford '99, Dawn Yang, xiaxue, Steven Lim, Plastic surgery, singapore, cozycot

Who is Melissalam?

Morning speech from ML:

** Hello everyone. I am back but I will be brief for it is le weekend.It is clear which of u are not only peasants but no-life peasants. Haha. Staying in on a Friday night to

trawl through internet postings, taking screen caps, saving it, compiling it. That is just too amusing!! How sad can these people get?! It's so pitful. Do you have no real life

friends that you must sit at home and talk to anonymous friends on the computer? And spend HOURS doing such inane stuff?Gossipgirl - I am absoultely certain you are

fat, ugly, probably wearing thick glasses with a face full of acne. This is the only reason why you'd stay at home on a Friday night to 'collect evidence.' Too funny!!Not too

different from the short fat and *** lian Wendy Cheng then!Honestly now little peasant girls..which of the 2 persons below is more harmful:A) A girl who blogs about her

own life, can't write so has to copy from people, does not admit having plastic surgery on her own faceOrB) A girl who makes personal NAMED attacks on people on her

blog, makes fun of handicapped people, makes racist allegations towards our foreign Bangladeshi workersThink hard, maybe even talk your parents. Even peasant

parents have the wisdom to answer such an easy question. Hardly a moral conundrum.Ok then tata.Back to my weekend. PARTAE!Have fun talking to your imaginary


Still no sign of Deliriouschic, Ernernhui or Wazzle..... They disappeared into thin air.

End of day 7. To be continued...

Looque Models, Juice magazine, Oxford '99, Dawn Yang, xiaxue, Steven Lim, Plastic surgery, singapore, cozycot

Who is Melissalam?

ML had a rest day on sunday (27-07-2008). That's the day The author of sensationally anounced Dawn Yang's secret IDs on cozycot

(Deliriouschic and Xoxodoll).

She was back on 28-07-2008 with her usual morning speech:

** Good day to all. I am sorry that so many here have pined for my presence for I have just woken up; partying does take its toll and I do need my princess

sleep.Fortunately, my manservant has prepared me a summary of the posts in the last few days and I have read it. Needless to say, I am extremely amused that some

social failures here think that a bunch of peasants can bring down the aristocracy in Singapore. It must hurt very badly that despite all your posts to STOMP, Dawn is still

a STAR blogger, and in fact has just UPDATED her Star Blog. Galling? Get used to it - Ochlocracy is not tolerated in this country.I resent the speculation that I am Noel.

Even if you called me fat, indian or ugly, that would not be as offensive as thinking that someone of his educational calibre can write the kind of prose only a princess

education can afford. Was Cheltenham and Cambridge such an utter waste of money that I can be mistaken for someone who (allegedly) went to an AUSTRALIAN

university? We all know what sort of educational system those descendants of convicts have don't we?Anyway, continue trying to do what you wanna do - nobody gives

twopence about anonymous people on an anonymous forum... That is the reason the Princess Council are not taking the Potters here to task. I am here merely to amuse

myself, to spread the truth and to warn.Tata.

** Oh. And though I may be the Many, I am One as well. That said, I am not several people.May God bless your little souls.

** Only peasants will be jealous of stunted Thai girls in THIS FASHION clothes, who looks like my maid.

** Artspraken honey, I am glad that your tastes are not merely petit bourgeosie. Also congratulations on your impending matrimonial bliss - some flirting is still harmless,


** There are some of you less anonymous than others. Foolhardiness is sometimes mistaken for bravery.

** U should really consider seeking help for your mental retardation. R u dribbling onto your keyboard now?

** At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this person either has severe reading comprehension problems, or needs a course on elementary English.

** The Princess Council is pleased that the commoner Wendy Cheng aka Xiaxue seems to have learnt her lesson, and she is more circumspect about her 'blog' now.

We are happy that we have done society a service and we are glad to receive your gratitude and adulation.

** If my dear Artspraken were not getting married, I would consider him....

P/S Where is Deliriouschic, Wazzle & Ernernhui???????????

End of day 9. To be continued.....

Looque Models, Juice magazine, Oxford '99, Dawn Yang, xiaxue, Steven Lim, Plastic surgery, singapore, cozycot

Calvin Cheng is Melissalam

ML was MIA for 2 days after the secret IDs of Dawn Yang was published by

ML was back on 31-07-2008 with her morning greetings:

** Hi darling.I am back from my short vac.As usual, the only voice of reason here next to mine, is right. The people up there don't give a dog's arse. People here should

get used to the fact that Singapore is not classless - our 'meritocratic system' is very much a dictatorial one where the elite 'dictates' to the non-elite. The voice of the

masses don't really count.Does it upset you peasants very much that Dawn has not been sacked nor censured by STOMP? Do you feel extremely angry that despite

your efforts, Dawn continues to blog for stomp ? (BTW, JAMESSHONG is talking out of his arse - Dawn has not quit and is considering continuing blogging for STOMP

from NYU). Unhappy? Get used to it. This is NOT a western democracy. Your voices, no matter how numerous, counts for SQUAT. The people upstairs will make

decisions and you people downstairs just gotta accept it. Tough life aint it?And Artspraken, re your posts on 'public opinon' being against Dawn - this is irrelevant.

Mediacorp also pushes who they wanna push - Fiona Xie was once hated, but she still made it. There is this anti-felicia chin thread here - but she will still be the Heir

Apparent of the 'Queendom' of Caldecott Hill. Moreover, anonymous people on anonymous forums don't count for much. Especially since people have the guts to say

things behind the cloak of anonymity that they daren't say in person. If you nitwits, anti-dawn rabble have the guts of your idol Wendy Cheng, set up blogs IN YOUR OWN

NAME, and publish and publicise it, maybe we will take you on. If not, say what ever you want, continue mass mailing STOMP and the newspapers, WHO GIVES A

S.H.I.T Dawn is the mainstream media's darling as you can see. They still call her the Beauty Blogger. The papers have now given her a chance to apologise, but not to

anyone in particular, unlike our dearest Wendy Cheng.That's all.

Hello nincompoop. All the other 'media' who are worth anything in Singapore are owned by the mighty SPH. Including Hardware Zone. They own you. End of story.

XX is going down. Dawn is just gonna go up and up. After NYU she has a bright future ahead, the mainstream media loves her, who know she may even be in movies, be

on telly whilst loser villagepeople will have to content themselves with 'new' media.

Feel belittled only if you are little. If you are not little, find the strength in yourself to rise above your station, so you can belittle and not be belittled.

Thank you for pointing out that it is a very serious offence at SCHOOL. Was Dawn at school when she was blogging? Think s..l...o..w..l...y. Got it now?

Power of the asses. I think there was one 'm' too many honey The 'apology' will be carried in a not so venerated subsidiary of the SPH. Watch that space.

I really really take offence to people calling me a guy. Continue this and I may disappear forever and you lot will all pine for me...

ML came back an hour later:

Remember to add your FULL NAME and your credentials so they know that they have to take you seriously. MAYARAY isn't gonna quite hack it. Also include your

contact address please including a phone number so they know how to contact you if they have any queries.

(Hmm...Now that you are here, ML, can you tell us what happened to the outing at Mimolette?) We were there.

U don't have to. I am here to warn, to spread the truth and to amuse myself.

Yes her blog is pointless. Which is why I think all her detractors are pointless. She is blogging about her mini princess life (which of course is not like my real princess

life), if you don't wanna read about her life don't go to her blog!! OMG. You people are such nincompoops.

I would like to state here that Dawn is only apologising to her fans. The readers who love her. She is not apologising to peasants.

Everybody seems to have a blog nowadays. Most people blog about their lives. Some blog on social issues. The former tend to only draw the bloggers friends. The

latter like Brown and Wendy draws a wider audience. It's just that Dawn has such a wonderful life that peasants are drawn to reading her blog, aspiring for her fabulous

life.I guess Arissa falls into this category herself, except she's not from this planet, like me.

It's not an ad ninny. It is an interview.

Indeed. We'll take them all down in one fell swoop. No need to waste any more time. Kill many birds with one stone. Call it a reverse class-action if u may.

Like the more intelligent Potters here have said, if dawnie could write like me, she wouldn't need to plagiarise. But she did go to some village school called Raffles, not

Cheltenham, so don't blame her.

It's very simple. That noel chap has a real email and a real phone number. Go test him. His IQ is not even half of mine

Fame sought her.

I know many. Dawn is well-loved on our planet for example.

Really babe. Go find that Noel chap's number, call him and talk to him. He is a retard. If u think he is me, you are too.

I knew ninnys would make this retort.I messaged the little coward Seeteh that if she was so sure bout herself, and she is so passionate about what she writes, do it with

her own name as herself. THAT I must give to Wendy. She's foolhardy, but she's got guts.I lay down the same challenge to the other cowards who set up liesofdawn,

dawnwayangexposed, dawnwayang etc.Do not hide behind the cloak of anonymity if you are slagging off a real person. Do not be a gutless worm if you wanna attack a

real, named person.What I am doing is not the same. With anoymous cowards, I am allowed to be anoymous.Moreover I am not attacking any real, named person. Do

you see me slagging off Arissa, Fiona, Felicia etc? I am flamethrowing anonymously at anonymous people.So again. I throw down the gauntlet to these GORMLESS

WORMS.Make yourself known. If what you say is true and beyond the pale, STAND BY IT in PERSON.Leave your contact details as the real people you are attacking

have a right of reply.And if you are defaming someone, that person has a right to SUE your knickers off.SEETEH - YOU ARE A LITTLE PEASANT COWARD.Take up

the challenge to prove me wrong.The prize is your dignity.

Yes I am challenging them so the Princess Council can actually give a shit Otherwise it's just fun and games honey, fun and games.Fun and games with anonymous

gormless cowards.Be brave, stand up, shout out your names so we can shoot u down ONE BY ONE.

You will realise that people on both sides know about this. Only anonymous peasants don't know.

mayaray, blushiee - go ahead, keep trying. Do you thinl NYU will believe the friend of a fat anonymous geek (BLUSHIEE) or whoever else, or the letter of testimonials

from the elites of this country, including her employer STOMP who is standing steadfastly by Dawn.. Haha, isn't it frustrating being a hapless peasant?

The 'joke' is the biggest most successful forum in Singapore. The second most successful forum in Singapore, hardwarezone is also owned by SPH I am laughing so

Ok serious post. No flamebaiting, no taking the piss.Plagiarism may seem like a black and white issue, but it is not. Context is important. If Dawn was a previous

plagiariser at an academic instutuition, then yes, NYU may take it extremely seriously. Similarly, if she were a journalist at a newspaper and was fired fo plgrism,

newspapers may not hire her.However, she plagiarised for a blog. How serious is this really? I don't think the limits of internet have been clearly defined enough for us to

give a conclusive answer. The fact is that her employer did not find it serious enough to fire her. That to me, is context.There is murder, but there is also manslaughter. In

the US, there is first degree murder, and then there is second...

Yes but what if said employer doesnt feel / think it's being cheated?

Right or wrong is black-and-white in this case. She was wrong. She was not wrong to a degree that warrants sacking - that is a grey area. Since she is wrong, regardless

of degree, therefore it is right she apologises. No? I am saying the crime does not deserve the punishment of a mob lynching, expulsion from school etc...

Your nose is good, I will also apologise to Nira next time I see her, unless I can find the guy who told me this to come with me, in which case I will laugh at her.

Gimem a break. NYU is not Harvard.

Honestly the evidence is so damning Dawn would be a peasant to deny it.

This matter is this matter, Wendy is Wendy. We are still going after Wendy regardless. It is irrelevant.

Unfortunately, peasants outnumber the intelligentsia in any country. My audience, regretably, will be miniscule.

Have u asked urself why? If you interacted with Wendy Cheng and Dawn Yang in person you would know. Life is unfair isn't it?

I see you don't recognise rhetoric when u see it...

Yes I believe Wendy Cheng was fired by STOMP. In my opinion, I think that is a grudge she habours against Dawn that has led to her resentment. This incident would

cause her resentment to increase. She and her supporters have worked so hard to try to get Dawn fired, and it didn't work. So sad for them.

Yes. Given I went to Cambridge, I couldn't help but sneer when she told me she got into NYU.

I find this endeavour futile, it's not even amusing anymore. I have ordered the Princess Council to take the fight to the mainstream media. It definitely has more credibility

than anonymous forums, and talking to anonymous cowards.Have a good life to you all. Artspraken, I will see you at the Cambridge Garden Party in August. You won't

recognise me, but i will recognise you.

P/S On the very same time, Noel (Dawn Yang's manager) revealed himself on flowerpod.

Deliriouschic, Ernernhui82 & Wazzle disappeared forever.....

End of day 12. To be continued........

Looque Models, Juice magazine, Oxford '99, Dawn Yang, xiaxue, Steven Lim, Plastic surgery, singapore, cozycot

Who is Melissalam?

Almighty Princess ML is back for another day:

** I am bored so I am back. Like the protagonist in About A Boy, I have to break down my time in 30 min parcels, and even then it's so boring being a trust fund kid.. So I

am back here for..............LULZ!! hahaOk INEX > What do u wanna know? I am not Dawn's spokesperson. But she reports to me on the Princess Council. So if you

wanna know my objective opinion, shoot. For example, I can tell you straight up with no irony that I think it's no big deal getting into NYU. It's a second rate university at

best. USC is even worse - the University of Spoilt Children they call it.Blushiee> I am sorry you got miffed that I didn't allow you to come see us at Mimo and so you

turned against Dawn. Dawn is comfortable meeting girls, but not strangers who r male. Some cotters turned up and they have since de-registered their nicks here and

disappeared.You wanna know who XX has harmed directly? She makes personal attacks on journalists and other bloggers. That's what she does.Re NYU, if it makes

you feel better about yourself, do what you have to do. But NYU is a private second-rate college who needs the school fees...they take whoever are willing to pay the

fees as long as they have an above average GPA.It's not like we are talking about Standford or Harvard or Oxbridge.

Pinkribbon. Haha. So are you and Wendy very upset? I told you peasants should not fight the will just get frustrated. Get whatever impression you want -

all the newspapers in Singapore are owned by SPH, the 2 biggest online forums are owned by SPH. I already told you many times - WE OWN YOU. Geddit?The

journalists will keep writing nice articles about Dawn no matter HOW MANY TIMES YOU SPAM THEIR INBOXES. That's because she is a nice person in real life.Get it

into your pathetic little head. The Princess Council has taken the fight to media that matters and we will win.

I think you will realise that Dawn's blog, with the exception of a couple of times, is an inane commentary of her own life. She does not address anyone in particular on her

blog, respond to accusations, or make serious comment on any issue. Perhaps that's why she finds it so hard to blog on Starblog.I promised you no bullshit so no

bullshit. I can give you my own take on issues but you can forget about Dawn responding. Sometime she seems she has no opinions on anything serious at all...Which is

why we were so suprised she decided to sue Wendy - she must have been really upset.

No. I think she lives in a bubble - she does not normally care about these detractors. Only when someone in real life she knows attacks her, does she respond i.e.


Sometimes, I think those uneducated neanderthals at Harware Zone make more sense than the Potters here. Their one liner responses like "Happy can already" are

pithy and more meaningful than the lengthy posts here.

She doesn't care about this tempest on forums. She only responded to the plagiarising thing when the mainstream media came looking. However, I believe she does

want to get Wendy and take her down.

Unfortunately, the more Wendy and her gang fights back and targets her, the more she wants to sue. What can you do? One side needs to back down first, but it's a

game of poker ain't it?

Ok here's my philosophical take on Dawn Yang, and how the ironies of life sometimes plays out.Dawn always wanted to be a succesful mainstream artiste (singer/actor)

but NEVER intended to become a celeb blogger. Ironically, she failed in the former but accidentally become the latter.Why do I say accidentally? Go through all her blog

posts the last few years. She blogs on nothing but her own life. Honestly, I don't see why anyone with any ounce of intelligence would give a dog's bollocks what she ate

for dinner, what bag she bought, which party she went to, her pics at the dentist? So I have always asked myself: how did she get famous as a blogger in the first

place?This is unlike Brown, Xiaxue etc who blog on social, political and often controversial issues. We know why THEY got famous.Therefore I think her accidental

celeb blog status is incidental to her. She probably still wants and hopes to succeed in proper entertainment. Star Blogs is just extra pocket money for her, something

fun to do probably.That's why I think she doesn't care about her internet popularity - she never intended to be an internet celeb. She does care a lot about her

mainstream media popularity - because that's what she always wanted and failed to be - a famous mainstream artiste.

Pls read my post carefully retard. I said there were exceptions when REAL LIFE people she knew attacked her - she then responds.So again I tell her detractors - you

want a response, make yourself known, you will get a response.

Actually Dawn isn't bluffing. I have NEVER seen her so pissed off before. And it takes a lot to piss off a person living in a bubble...

This is going to be long process babe. These things take months. This saga will not end in 2008, that I can assure you.

She did. Still failed. So sad right? But I give her credit for pursuing her dreams. At least she tried. Some people dream but never try. That is sadder.

I think people in Singapore need to learn that anonymity gives no credibility. If you want to take her down, make yourself credible first.

It's not pending, it's a process.

WITH THE EXCEPTION OF A COUPLE OF TIMES - sentance preceding in case you are blind as well.

It's ok to be anonymous talking to anonymous people. It's called symmetry.

Nah. XX is not on same level as the mediacorp artistes... With a monopoly in both print and broadcast, I doubt internet celebs have much space...

There were other ways to settle this issue...

It's coming to crunch time. Stay tuned. Term in US is starting. You are right, if war has to be declared, it needs to be soon.

I don't know whether she agrees with me. Personally, I think this whole entertainment scene is crap. She should just go get her degree and get a real life.

U can ask Art my honey. U dont need to be physically around until the last moment.

Not arguing. I got bored, came back it's Question time.

PAST tense my friend.

Indeed. Revenge is a very primitive motivation and is irrational.

The Straits Times (the venerated branch) will keep covering this story. You will read about any developments in the news.

Really, the Straits Times, our NATIONAL newspaper is a very good gossip read. I suspect they will explain the delay. It's MUCH better than the New Paper haha

(did u or did u not give dawn a dressing down for faking those multiple ids to self-praise?!!) I am still investigating, if the need arises we will call her up for a censure in

front of the Princess Council

This chap is not an ST writer. He is the Chair of the School of communications at NTU, the 'MIT' of the East. Haha. Whatever.

Which law firm are you at honey? Why are YOU so free to post on the internet on a girlie forum?

(so what about the guest_summerdoll and music producers incident, has that go anything to do with DY?You said you were going to find out.) That's not Dawn.

'Battleword'. I like that. You should go add it into the Urban Dictionary.

Absolutely right. However, people with chips on their shoulders will feel slighted. Like that blushiee boy who is gonna report Dawn to NYU. I can just imagine a fat lil boy,

always wanting to meet Dawn, asked me whether he can, when I politely refused saying becos he is a guy it would be awkward, he turned against Dawn...

No doubt XX will post it up on her blog, being the brave anti-establishment girl she is.

How does one quote an anonymous coward? Like this? Haha. What proof do you have I work at SPH?

Haha. If you really believe I am from SPH so be it. Check my login times etc. Would a journalist have so much time on her hands? Please...

If I really wanted to be a journalist I'd work for the Economist, not a joke newspaper.

Sure. But be prepared that the person you name IS NOT me, SPH will go after your sorry arse.

And SPH is richer than 1000 Dawn Yangs. And they WILL hire Davinder.

I don't care, but SPH just might

Trust me Art. You are loads closer to finding out who I am than anybody else in this forum.

(Melissa, will you be at the event at Hort Park?) Yes. August 23rd.

I am proud of her. A girl should be good AT sex.

End of Day 13. Tobe be continued.........

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